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BCI’s Vision

"To be a leader in sport concussion innovation and clinical care".


BCI’s Mission

"To bring innovative sport concussion assessment and management strategies to the community utilizing evidence-based, research-driven practices".



A concussion is a complicated process that occurs in the brain following a traumatic event which transmits biomechanical forces to the head. It may result from a blow to the head or other part of the body. While we don't typically see physical damage from a concussion on standard medical imaging, we know that it does alter the way the brain functions.


When the brain is not functioning properly, athletes who continue to participate in sport and do not seek proper care may be at risk of prolonged recovery, additional injury, or even complications later in life. Signs and symptoms of concussion may present immediately following the injury, or may take minutes to hours to appear.


(McCrory P, Meeuwisse W, Dvorak J, et al.  Consensus statement on concussion in sport – the 5th international conference on concussion in sport held in Berlin, October 2016. Br J Sports Med 2017; http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/bjsports-2017-097699).

Brian Benson

Founder & Medical Director

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  • How much does it cost?

    BCI's High-Performance Sport Concussion Program utilizes evidence-based research to provide the basis of its sport medicine physician directed and managed program. This comprehensive program is unique to Canada and also provides an opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research projects that are aimed to continuously improve the standard of care for high performance athletes who are at risk of sustaining a sport-related concussion.
    Currently, BCI is able to offer its advanced clinical program for one exceptionally affordable price that covers an entire athletic season. Many of our pre-season (healthy, uninjured) and post-concussion multi-modal assessments and services are not covered under basic Alberta Healthcare Service plans and are thus considered uninsured services.
    Voluntary participation in BCI’s cutting-edge research
    components of our clinical program are at no cost to athletes.
    If an athlete experiences persistent symptoms (i.e., > 2 weeks for adults or > 4 weeks for athletes < 18 years) there may be coexisting and/or confounding factors that do not necessarily reflect ongoing physiological injury to the brain (e.g., neck injury, vestibular injury, oculomotor injury, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, psychological disorder such as anxiety, depression, etc.). In such cases, the consulting physician at BCI may recommend targeted management strategies (e.g., physiotherapy, vestibular therapy, neuro-optometry, exercise  prescription, sport dietitian, sport psychology, etc.) to specifically address the coexisting factors. Many of these management services are not covered under basic Alberta Healthcare Service plans and thus additional costs may apply if the athlete / family chooses to utilize these services.


  • What is our cancellation policy?

    Cancellation policy
    24-hour’s notice is required to cancel or reschedule a pre-season (healthy, uninjured) or post-concussion clinical assessment or there will be a $50 charge to your account.  We realize that there may be unforeseen circumstances at times for “no-shows” which will be assessed on a case-by-case basis for exceptions to this policy.


What is a Pre-Season (Healthy) Clinical Assessment?

Our insight tells us that no two athletes are exactly the same. Each player is unique with a different set of physical and cognitive attributes that affect their susceptibility and response to a concussive injury. Everyone performs differently on a baseline assessment and many factors may influence your outcome, including gender, age, sport, experience, previous concussion history, and other potential health co-morbidities. A comprehensive pre-season clinical assessment is an assessment of many different systems of the body which may be affected by concussion, including the visual, cognitive, motor, sensory, auditory, balance and autonomic nervous system. Having a pre-season, healthy assessment completed allows our medical team to assess you after a concussion and have something to compare your results to. This allows us to provide the best possible, individualized management recommendations if a sport-related concussion is sustained.



BCI is an innovative, physician-led, multi-disciplinary acute sport concussion program. The creation of this program is the result of over two decades of concussion research and clinical experience which clearly demonstrated a need for timely access to the best possible clinical care for high-risk sport community athletes sustaining an acute sport-related concussion. Concussions are assessed and managed efficiently and effectively by a sport medicine physician experienced in concussion and multi-disciplinary team of health care professionals who understand athletes, with communication to the athlete’s team therapist and/or coaches during every step of process, including written medical clearance by a sport medicine physician to return to unrestricted competition/game play.

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